Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where was the song?

Well, it was a good appointment. My uterus measure where it should be and the baby is developing at an appropriate rate. So, my due date still stays the same. It seems like eveyone else has been getting their due dates pushed up, mine is staying put.

I didn't get yelled at for gaining too much weight like last month, actually I didn't gain anything, but the doctor wasn't really concerned because the baby is growing at the appropriate rate and is taking what she needs from what I take in. I've actually been tracking my food intake for the last month to make sure I am getting all my food groups in. The month before I was eating everything put in front of me and way too many sweets. So, I needed to monitor my intake a little. I use the current food pyramid. Some people are still stuck using the old pyramid, which they learned years ago in their junior high food class. Actually, tomorrow at my Walking class I am lecturing on Food & Nutrition.

Today was my glucose level test to check for gestational diabetes. I took the fruit punch, as I was told that the orange is awful. So, I would guess it's about 8-10 oz of a sugary fluid that you need to drink within 5 minutes. I've heard bad things about the taste, so I was just going to slam it. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a ring of people around me singing "Here's to sister Jessica.......she's happy.....she's jolly...." You know the song, and if you don't I am not typing all the words here in my baby blog. Anyways, the Dr. just called with the results and I passed with flying colors -- no 3-hour test for me. Yeah! I got a 96, and normal levels are 60-109. But having to fast and wait to eat breakfast until after the appt. @ 10am kinda sucked.

I also took the time to ask the Dr. lots of questions so that I can finish making the birth plan. I am using a form online where I click boxes and can also enter in information. It seems easy to do and pretty much has everything we need address and has space to add stuff in. Most of my questions had to do with medications & side effects and medical procedures & their purpose.

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