Thursday, February 16, 2006

Putting Together the Crib

Blogger is being dumb and didn't load them in the order I intended, so they they are a little out of sequence.

Mommy & Daddy put together the crib today, but mommy was taking the pictures, so daddy got to be the model. We needed some pictures of daddy on here anyways.

Here daddy pretends to be baby girl looking up at her PB animal alphabet (matches the valances) mobile. The crib came with a mobile that had teddy bears on it & a night light & vibrated (needs batteries), but we liked this one better for her crib here. I think we'll bring the teddy bear mobile to maternal grandparents' house and put on the brown crib there, it will match better with that.

We figured out how to lower the railing and it is a pretty swift deal. Daddy had it lowered here so that he could pretend to crawl inside.

Here's another picture of daddy with the finished product. This time the railing is up. I put a PB skirt that is white with 2-tone green ric-rac on the bottom. I have a matching bumper, but the bumper just doesn't work right at this height. Plus, a bunch of stuff I read says you shouldn't use a bumper in the first year anyways, to keep the baby from smothering themselves against it.

So, we'll save it until later.

Here daddy is putting together the trundle that goes underneath the crib. We filled it with sheets and blankets.

This was probably the biggest pain for him to put together. The directions were a little confusing, as some of the comments said, but it took us about 35 minutes to put the crib together, not as long as others on the comments section said it took them. It's a nice looking crib.

Here is a picture that should have been first . Daddy is putting together the crib here. It's a 4-in-1 crib that later can be made into a toddler bed, a day bed, and full-size headboard. There are some extra parts to help convert it later on.

Note the fat cat sitting there that was no help at all. He thought it would be fun to stay laying in the way while we built around him.


Tim & Kendra said...

A very nice crib, indeed!

Things like that are never easy to put together and rarly come with all the neccesary parts. but you both are great handy-men(women) so I'm sure you had no trouble!

Here's an odd coincidence: An old friend of mine from college just came across my page on MySpace and gav me an update on what she's been doing..she has an 8 month-old daughter; name: Chloe Isabella.

(weren't both of those on your list?)


Isabel's Mommy said...

Thanks Tim.

Isabel is still on our short list.

I think Chloe may have been on our list. I believe it was a name that the daddy liked.

One of my many cousins had a baby the other day. She named her's Elizabeth Grace Kelly.

The crib actually came with all the parts and extras ( to convert) and it even came with the 3 tools (screwdriver, hex wrench, & other tiny flimsy wrench) that you need to put it together.