Thursday, February 09, 2006

Feeling Good.

I have been feeling pretty good the last few weeks. I am happy about that. My low-back has been a little out of whack -- but nothing painful, just annoying.

I finally feel like I am that happy, glowing pregnant lady.

I am showing to the point where people know I am pregnant and don't just think I have been eating too many krisy kremes. I don't have that white, grey look of nausea anymore. The maternity clothes actually fit decent now and I am not struggling to find some that fits.

I feel the baby kicking, hitting, bumping, hiccuping all the time now and it makes me smile. Smiling suits me.

The heartburn has subsided. I still have some energy, which is supposed to leave again soon, but I'll enjoy it while I have it. I've got pretty much everything I need for when the baby comes, just need a baby (in due time.)

It kinda sucks that I have to pee every hour or two, really sucks when I am trying to sleep. But just learned I need to get to bed even earlier so that I can make up for those interupptions, so it's only mildly irritating.

I'm feeling good.

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