Saturday, February 18, 2006

What to Expect (Warning: Long Post!)

So, I started reading more about birthing and raising an infant and had to start thinking about what I need to bring to the hospital with me. I've been so busy planning and buying stuff for the baby that I forgot about me. I have my maternity clothes, what more would I need?

Hmmmmm....Try pads.....bah! I have to wear pads?!?!?!? Damn it. I totally did not even think of that. That is just not going to be fun. I remember when I got my first period and wore pads -- YUCK! That lasted only the first month and the next month I got out that box of tampons and read the instructions and never looked back at using pads again. Until now..... I kept reading hoping it would say I could use tampons....but can't. Bah! Foiled again. Wanna know more about postpartum bleeding, or lochia, then check out the link. But I gotta say -- I am not looking forward to 3-4 (possibly up to 6 weeks) of bleeding. And we're not talking period type bleeding, you are expelling blood clots that can be the size of grapes. Ah hell no! How come no one ever talks about that? No one tells you to expect that. Kinda like the crapping on the
delivery table, people don't tell you that happens. Damn, I hope things don't get runny down there on the day of the delivery.

Ok -so I need pads. I ordered a bunch of Seventh Generation pads along with some SG diapers & baby wipes (we're going to do a combination of disposable & cloth).

But I also need some nursing tops and nursing bras. You are supposed to wait until the last month of your pregnancy to buy a nursing bra, as your breasts will still get bigger as your milk comes in. And apparently the bra size you wear can (& does) change quite a bit in a matter of weeks (making you a band size higher and a cup size or 2 higher) just before & after the birth. So, how the hell am I supposed to know what size I need for sure? I guess about 2-3 weeks after birth your breast size will decrease to the size it will remain at while you are breastfeeding. I think I'll buy some bra extenders and hope for the best, because I certainly do not want to be buying bras of many different sizes that I may only wear for a little bit. What I wanna know is why do most nursing bras NOT have underwire? This is new to me, so is it uncomfortable to have the wire there when you are nursing?

Another thing about nursing bras -- what with the nursing sleep bra (kinda looks like a sport bra in a way). Do I really need one of those? Do I need to wear a bra while I sleep? Are my boobs that heavy & filled with milk that I need stabalization while I sleep? They are actually cheaper than other nursing bras. Maybe I would like to wear those during the day too. They say to get 3 bras: one to wear, one in the wash, & one to have on hand. Maybe one of my 3 (intially) will be a sleep bra and I can see what I think. These aren't the custom (band & cup), so maybe it would work better as my boobs increase in size and then decrease. Who knows.

Ok - so that is the bra thing. But I still need to buy tops. That I suppose I can start getting now because they are the custom fit like a bra. There are so many styles out there, how do I know what will work best for me? And this isn't like the maternity tops where you wear them for 4-5 months. You wear these for however long you plan to nurse. I would like to nurse at least 6 months, but have been thinking about nursing for longer, maybe up to a year. Certainly not longer than that, as if they can walk up to it and ask for it, I just not comfortable with that, time for some whole cow milk at that time.

I got some washable breast pads already, but I registered for some others and will probably play it buy ear to see if need more. I think the pack of washables I bought was 5 sets (10pcs.). They are ones made from organic hemp. I don't know how well I will like them, maybe I should wear a set now for a day and see if they irritate me or not, then I will know that I for sure need a different brand. I have no clue how much my breasts will leak, so I don't know. Any ideas from anyone?

So, I think I will go buy some extras of the toiletries items so start a bag, so that they are already in there and ready to go and I will have minimal other things to remember to pack later on. I know I still have a lot of time being pregnant left, but if you're reading this blog and you know me -- you know I am a planner. I find it's easier on me (& everyone else) if I plan things in advance. Then I know I have things done the way I wanted and I don't have to get anxious about depending on someone else or that I need to inconvenience others.

So, besides the
Maybe planning for this stuff will take my mind off of buying clothes for the baby. I have bought quite a bit already, plus got some bags of stuff from MIL's friend (her daughter was born about a year before our girl is due, so it works out nicely). If people want to buy baby clothes, I would have more use for things that are 9 months & older. I might not get to all the clothes if they are younger than that.
Ok - that's long enough now.


Lame Shrill Owl said...

Tips from Kristin (with her permission to post):

I was also going to comment on your things for after of what to wear and
bras and stuff. I loved my sleep bra, you'll definitely need 1 or 2 of
them. You'll leak all over if you don't have that and pads on. Not a nice
feeling to wake up to and have to wash your sheets and stuff. The place
that I got a lot of my bras and nursing shirts is
they have some really nice things and pretty reasonable too. Get some super
heavy duty pads cuz you'll bleed alot the first week or 2. After that it's
like a period flow. You may also want to get some stool softener so it
doesn't hurt as bad to go to the bathroom. Not a nice thought but something
to think about so you're not sending Andy out to get some for you
afterwards. Let's see, oh some Lansinol (not sure if that's spelled right).
It's in a teal and purple package. It's for your nipples so they don't get
dried out and sore and can crack. Cuz it hurts like hell if they crack and
stuff. It's safe for babies as well so you don't have to worry about any
getting in her mouth and getting her sick or anything. Works wonders too as
a diaper rash cream.

Oh yea, one more quick little thing on the bleeding. You shouldn't be
passing clots after delivery. That is a sign that something could be wrong.
It should just be a really heavy period flow for the first couple weeks and
then light period flow. Clots mean that something isn't doing it's job
right. With Kayleigh I had them but only cuz the placenta came out inside
out so things were left behind. Scared me cuz they say if you have clots to
call right away and talk to your doctor. I also never crapped on the
delivery table so doesn't happen to everyone. I also found out that the
washable breast pads didn't work well for me after I washed them cuz they
would be all wrinkly and I'd have to iron them or you could tell I was
wearing them. Plus I had to change them lots more than the disposible ones
cuz they don't have the stuff inside to spread out the milk and hold it
instead of just being an extra layer of cloth to get wet.

On the bumper thing. It's pretty much a preference but from what our ped
told us, you can use them til they learn to roll over. Cuz an infant can't
usually roll over to get their face in them for awhile. So it's pretty much
a preference on how you want the crib to look but once they are able to
roll, to take it out cuz then they can roll into it and get stuck.

One more thing remembered wanting to share. Not so much a tip but something
to help out with bathtime with the baby. I found that actually taking a
bath with Trevor, or Kayleigh, helped me to not feel scared I'd drop them.
Plus sometimes it was the only way that I'd get a bath in as well. Plus
then you can lay them on your legs and not constantly trying to hold them
and get them clean. Nice bonding time too.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I bought this sleep bra
from A Pea in the Pod in the color nude. I wore it last night to try it out. I think I will like that. It has plenty of stretch in it in case my boobs get bigger yet.

Brighter Schemata said...

you don't know me but i've been enjoying your blog. i did a search on "diapers" to see what other people had to say. my daughter was born on 4/1 and i'm new to this parenting stuff, too.

anyway, i'd recommend you buy some disposable breast pads to have for when you travel. it gets old really fast having to wash them out and dry them. you'll get samples at the doctor's office or in the mail if you're on motherhood maternity's list, for example.

also, if you're buying a pump, get it well before you go back to work so you can practice using it and freeze some extra milk to have on hand. if you even think you will have any problems with sore nipples, bleeding, blisters, etc. get the lactation consultant at the hospital to give you a nipple shield. it's a silicone thing kind of like a bottle nipple that you put over your nipple so the baby isn't directly touching you and causing you pain if you are sensitive in the first few days. you can't buy them at the store (we tried to get one in the middle of the night when i really needed one and drugstores don't carry them) unless you go to a special pump store.

the other thing to keep in mind is that you can get a lot of things from the hospital. maxi-pads, creams, etc. not to mention, they have a whole basinett of things for your baby that you are supposed to take home, like the thermometer, nose bulb thing, etc. they will also give you samples if you ask. formula companies will give you a free diaper bag. if you don't want the formula, just give it to a women's shelter or something. but the bag itself is not bad.

anyway, good luck with your baby!