Sunday, March 01, 2009

March Theme: Numbers

I have to say, that our theme of the month is really good for her. We did colors as a theme in December and it really helped her get past confusing purple & blue. The January theme of winter really helped her experience & learn about winter sports & the importance of feeding the birds & basic properties of ice. February was all about fruits & vegetables and she is loving watching her pea plant grow and every time she eats a fruit or vegetable she identifies the seeds in each.

So, this month we are learning about numbers. I am hoping the repetition of numbers this month will help her learn the order of the numbers in the teens. She counts 1-13 just fine and then skips to 16, as if 14 & 15 don't even exist. And sometimes she skips 17 too. Usually 18-20 are ok. We haven't counted much past 20 just because there hasn't been a lot of opportunity to count things that high, plus I think she needs to learn the teens first and then we'll work on the twenties. After that I think it will all come together and she just has to learn her tens and can figure it out.....but that's the big picture.

Some fun print offs to use this month:

Clifford 1-20 connect the dots
Count & Color (15) Dogs
Caterpillar Felt Board (I previously printed this out & attached felt to the back, so I will get this out to use, which we never really used when I made it)
5 Fish in a Bowl Coloring &Activity
Clown with 6 Balloon Coloring Page
Octopus Craft
This website has a bunch of number crafts. I think I made do the one to ten chart and maybe a couple of the number jigsaws.

Here are some number songs:

I will get out her number flashcards to help this month and I know I have some preschool math workbooks that we will get out & work on, as well as a Garfield math computer game that was in her stocking at Christmas. Also, we have a few of number puzzles (0-9 for one of them and 1-20 for the another, and a long catepillar one that counts 1-10, oh and a Big Bird one that is counting 1-6), so we will make a point of playing those often this month.

As for book, we already have the first one from the library & it is a GREAT book for teaching counting:
Grapes of Math
The Very Hungry Catepillar (we have this one)
Ten Apples Up on Top
One Gorilla
One Frog Sang
20 Hungry Piggies

I will also look through our bookcase to see what other ones we have to use.

And I am sure I will come up with some other things too.

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