Monday, March 02, 2009


We went bowling again. This was her third time bowling. We were able to bowl 2 games without her getting tired at all. She is getting stronger and carrying that 6 pound ball (even with a Cheetoh in hand) is getting much easier. It's the carrying a 6 pound ball from the ball return to the ramp is what tires her out. We had a lot of fun. It was just the two of us. She actually bowled a 90 on her first game with a strike (which you can see that video on Facebook). Her second game was a 77. She did have the bumpers and a ramp to use, athough I don't think I would bowl much better with both ether.
The girl has too much energy tonight. We played a good 20-minute game of tag running around the house. She finally gets how tag works. She loves to play tag and hide-n-seek. And she was just jumping on her trampoline and now her & daddy are throwing & kicking a beachball.
She has such a good imagination. We went shopping at Kohl's this evening and the whole time we were there she was carrying around an Easter basket they had for sale and was pretending to pick apples throughout the store. When it came time to leave I told her we were not buying it because she had an Easter basket at home and I asked her to give it to me. She asked if she could out it down herself and I told her she could. Then she puts down the basket and says "I'll just leave all my apples here." And we walked a few steps and she ran back and pretended to grab something out of the basket and said, "Just one more apple." Then pretends to take a bite and says, "It's so crunchy. It's so tasty." Then after we get in the car she pretends one more time to take a bite and says, "That was a good apple."

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