Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Nice Weekend

This to picture is from this morning at church. They had cake there for the March birthday. It was very chocolately & very messy and Isabel loved it very much. When we picked Isabel up from her classroom for "church school" she handed up these 2 colored on sheets of paper that were crumpled up. To anyone else they might just think it was trash, but tous, we know she has been making "snowballs" from crumpled paper or "paper airplanes" from folded paper, which sometimes resembles crumpled paper. After church,the three of us went to Timberlodge Steakhouse for lunch (my birthday certificate from them expired today). That was yummy too.

This afternoon, Isabel & daddy went outside to fly her kite. We bought it this winter (& I've kept it well hidden so she would forget about it) and today was the first day that it was appropriate to take it outside to fly. I think the neighbors wanted to join in on the child-like fun that was happening in their backyard (they have a big back yard witht he trees far enough away & no powerlines, making it perfect for kite flying.)

This is from yesterday (you may have seen these ones on FB already) when Isabel & mommy met Carrie, Kyle & Gavin at River Bend Nature Center. Isabel had such a fun time there. We try to foster a love & creativity of nature and I think it is working. She got so dirty, which I don't mind one bit. It it stains the clothes, it's ok, she has enough that Iwould have something stain-free to wear if she needs to look presentable. And nothing was homemade by anyone, so Let Her Play!

Here is Isabel & her buddy Gavin on top of a pile of logs. He calls her Bel. He just over a year younger than her and just a couple months older than her cousin Blake.
Next week is a usual busy week of yoga class, gymnastics class & ECFE class. The big event this week is registering Isabel for preschool on Thursday evening. We plan to go bowling this week too, maybe a storytime, and maybe a playgroup at our house.

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