Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Craft Day

Today was a craft marathon. Actually, as I work on making these collages and updating the blog she is coloring with daddy. She just can't get enough of arts & crafts today. There is a different collage on FB that has these pictures & more.

The first picture is of an Octopus TP Craft. I believe I posted a link to it when I discussed the theme of the month. It's great for couting how may legs there are.

This one is an egg carton caterpillar. That idea came from Thanks to Auntie Phanie for sending us this idea.

This one was my idea. I found a shamrock template online and printed it off, cut it out and she brushed on glue and then placed dry split peas all over it.

That was it for my ideas for today, then she decided he wanted to do some drawing & stamping. She also got out the play-doh and we played with that for a while.

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