Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Day Above 60 Degrees in 2009

The weather report has it being low-mid 50's today, but I think it is already there and it's only 9:30, so maybe it will be another great day.

We were outsife yesterday from 3:30-7:30. It was great. We played with chalk, rode on toys, (pretend, she does a lot of pretend play these days) roasting of blueberries, played a lot in the sandbox, picked up sticks, filled bird feeders, payed with bubbles & grilled/ate supper.

I have one stubborn little girl. Last week we had to leave gymnastics early because she decided she didn't want to listen and wouldn't change her mind. Well, yesterday evening it was time to clean-up toys since she made a huge mess in the house. She didn't want to and decided to say "I'm sad." and go upstairs. So, I decided to threaten throwing the toys away & see if she would come. After a while she did and helped pick up some toys but didn't want to touch the toys I had in the garbage bag. I gave her several chances to take them out & put away, but she refused. So, I had to follow through and bring the bag outside. After a while I told her the garbage guy comes the next day and I would let her put her toys away since she had been so good since coming down. She refused. Then I told her that she could no longer get new toys if we throw away all the old toys. I asked her if she ever wanted new toys again and she said she did and then I told her that we have to take care of our old toys first and asked if she wanted to take care of her old toys and put them away. Finally! She said yes and put the toys away. I was afraid she was gong to continue to call my bluff and I would be ruined. Idon't think I could ever bring them back with out her remembering the trash guy was supposed to have taken them. That girl has such a memory on her.

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Phanie said...

I would have given them away to Goodwill or something...then at least someone else could get some good use outta them. Next time, you have to start with the older, crappier toys in the garbage bag in case she tries to test again and then you won't feel too bad about following through.