Thursday, March 12, 2009

Updated Slideshow

Checkout the updated slideshow at the top. I decided since her 3 year birthday is coming up in a couple of months, I would do a slideshow of every month from birth to three. Obviously, I still have a couple months to fill in yet. The first 2 years I made a concentrated effort to take her picture on 20th of every month because I had this photo album I was using. The last year, I didn't do that but I take enough pictures that some days I did take one on the 20th and other months it was the day before or after, so close enough. I decided to go with all the pictures I took rather than anything professional.


Phanie said...

Very cute! Goes by so quickly. It doesn't seem like she should be turning 3 soon.

Miss Mommy said...

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Tanya :-)