Thursday, December 01, 2005

16 Week Doctor Visit

It was a short good visit to the doctor. I heard the baby's heartbeat again, this time 170 beats per minute. He said that the heartrate will slow over the next month and will be slower for the 20-week check-up.

I gained weight this month. Basically gained the weight I needed to for this month and what I lost from the 1st trimester. So, I am still supposed to gain a pound a week (average) for the rest of my pregnancy. That should be fine -- the ice cream is going down really easy.

Next month, actually it's this month in 4 weeks, on December 29, we will get to see the baby for the first time. Then we find out for sure that there is only one in there. By the end of December I should really be showing. I teach a couple ladies in my Stress Management class that are pregnant (due 4 and 8 weeks before me) and they started to pop out around 18-20 weeks with their first kid.

I have not seen my family since before we got pregnant, so it might be a little weird that they will see me with a little pouch sticking out.

I also had blooddrawn for the Quad screen. The doctor or his nurse will call me in a week to discuss the results, he says it usually takes around a week to get those results. It's a blood test to look for Down Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Spina Bifida, etc. They will call regardless of the results.

And then at 28 weeks they will do a glucose check, where they check for gestational diabetes.

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