Monday, December 19, 2005

I am Sooooooo Normal.....

Ok - if the doubt was ever in my head that I was experiencing things that were normal - well, after reading Belly Laughs - I realize my pregnancy is Sooooo normal.

I've never been through this before, so how was I to know.

I blogged about the recommendation to read this book and I am so glad I did.

Don't think you have time to read it? Think again. It took all of an hour and half to read her series of short essays. They were right to the point, can't really say short & sweet, because frankly they were anything but sweet. I like her crudeness and frankness. Finally! Someone says it just how it is.

I am about halfway through my pregnancy and have experienced about 75% of it; I could totally relate.

I had been reading other books to gather more information and honestly -- this short crass book gave me as much information -- maybe more. You definitly have to read it!

I have her next book requested from the library and should be arriving any day now, something to read over xmas break.

I like that the last 2 pages are advice to the daddies. I photcopied it and left it on the daddy's computer keyboard -- some place I am sure he will see it very soon.

Thanks for the recommendation Steph!


Lame Shrill Owl said...

I borrowed the book to a co-worker who is pregnant too (due 5 days before me) and she is reading it tonight so that i can return it to the library.

Looks like the baby laughs book is in for me now too.

Kinky Phanie Gates said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Let me know how the 2nd one is.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Read the 2nd book "Baby Laughs". Was a good book. The daddy is going to read it too. Had a read it before getting pregnant, i might have reconsidered. But still funny stories just the same. Cute drawings in it. Is a little longer than the first one. Took me just under 2 hours to read this one.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Daddy is reading the 2nd book now -- he thinks it's written by a sailor.