Tuesday, December 27, 2005


So, here I am before 7 am on a day off and I find myself dreaming about eye color probablility because of something my MIL said. She commented about hoping to get a blue-eyed, blond-haired grandchild. When you consider that her other grandchildren had parent(s) with brown hair & brown eyes, we are the first chance at that happening (she could have another chance at it if Tony & Carol decide to have children).

Anyways, the daddy has blond hair with blue eyes; I have blond hair with green/hazel eyes. Had we both had blue eyes, there would be a very good chance of having a blue eyed child. It all has to do with the amount of melanin in the eye iris. (Blue has very little; brown has a lot; other colors fall in between on a spectrum.) Check out this to read about it. It says that most babies to a brown-eyed parent and blue-eyed parent will have brown eyes, but that was not true in our family (dad=brown, mom=blue). If I am not mistaken, I believe both my sisters have blue eyes and my brother has brown and I have green/hazel. Which makes me believe that my father was not homozygous for brown (I believe his parents were brown & blue) and making my father fall on the spectrum.

So, because the daddy has blue and I'm on the spectrum -- we really could have a child with any eye color. And you can't tell at birth because most caucasian babies are born with blue eyes and they can change if/when their eyes begin to produce melanin.

Now hair color is a little different, but not much. We were both born with blond hair naturally. Actually, mine was pretty platinum as a child and darkened into a dishwater (dark) blond as I grew older. The daddy has blond hair (darker blond now) as well. Blond hair is a recessive trait and since we both have it, there is a pretty good chance that our children will have blond hair when they are younger (and will get darker as they get older as we did and most people d0.)

Blood type -- well, this one is very easy. We are both positive, so the baby will be positive. And we are both O, so there are no other options for all of "our" children to have O+ as their blood type, that is unless I'm doing the mailman, but our mailman is a woman, so that wouldn't work out either. :)

So, yes, there is a chance of having a blue-eyed, blond-haired child, but also not. Isn't science fun?

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