Sunday, December 04, 2005

No Bacon!

OK....I tried and it just won't work for me during this pregnancy. The first time I made it I ate one piece with some pancakes, felt fine eating it, then puked it up. Well, that first time was in the evening, when I usually feel my worst, so I thought that might have something to do with it. I've eaten pancakes since then and been fine. But today I made bacon again, the smelled bothered me a little but not too terribly bad, although my whole house still smells like bacon and I made it almost 6 hours ago. I made bacon and then cooked eggs in the bacon grease and then drained most of the grease and made pumpkin pancakes in the pan. It all tasted good. I just ate eggs and a pancake, no bacon except for the grease. And whoops, 10 minutes after eating it all came back up. Boy did that suck.

So, no more bacon at all. And still no garlic. And no smokey restaurants. Guess those are the 3 main triggers that have consistently resulted in me getting really sick.

Other than that, I had not puked since Thanksgiving. So, I made it over a week this time and was pretty happy with that. And generally have been feeling better than I had the previous 3 months.


Trudy said...

Just read that snacking on bananas between meals will keep your blood sugar up and prevent morning sickness. Worth a try.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I like bananas. Actually -- bananas was one thing I have been able to eat the whole time and have not gotten sick of eating. Some things I ate in the first trimester I have no desier to eat now. Anyways -- just bought a bunch of 5 yellow bananas and 5 green bananas yesterday.

I ended up puking again before going to bed last night. The daddy hid in the closet when he figured out that I was puking. I usually try to avoid bathrooms he is near 'cuz i know it grosses him out. He says I'm a quiet! something to be proud of.....I asked the daddy why the baby hates me so much and keeps making me sick. It was 9 days I went w/o puking.