Monday, December 05, 2005

Drano Test

I thought I would try it as we had some Drano here. So, I peed in a cup first and then poured it on top of the Drano in a different cup. I covered my nose and mouth because of the fumes I have read about.

But I think I will keep the results a secret until we find out from the doctor what we are having. I will tell the daddy of course.

Everywhere out there was conflicted on whether or not this works. I was reading out there that scientifically Drano could not produce sex prediction results.

It's an interesting concept. Maybe next we'll have to try the needle or wedding ring hanginng from a string.

I could take a tally or the different results and see what they say. So far I have heartbeat results and Drano results.

They say cravings are based on sex as well, like salt for boys, sweets for girls (I like sweets a lot more and they go down easily, but I wouldn't say I am craving it more, I just like eating it, not really craving them), sour for boys, fruit and OJ for girls, meats and cheeses for boys, and so on.

Where does craving California Rolls fit? I don't think it fits under either.

Here's a whole list of Ways to Tell. Some of those are way out there. Like what does where my pillow is have to do with anything. It's in the same place as before. It would not be goof Feng Shui for me to change the bed to a different area. The flow would totally be off. And it's winter -- my feet are cold and my hands are dry. And "Pregnancy has you looking better than ever", well, not today. I told the daddy he looked nice today and he said I didn't (I am home ill today, slept like crap last night and stomach still doing flips, and awful headaches too) and that I was all puffy and blotchy -- Gee! Thanks.

I think with that list I will get an equal chance of having a boy or a girl.


Kinky Phanie Gates said...

Something that has so many different results cannot be accurate. One placeit said blue would be a boy and then right below it said blue would be a girl. So does blue really mean hermaphrodite.

I think when we do start to try that I'll try the old wives tales to try for a girl. Shhh...don't tell Jason!

Isabel's Mommy said...

My lips are sealed.