Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Ok - I know people are waiting for Thursday and me to post if we know what we are having or not.

You know - being open to the fact that we woud like to find out the sex of our child has been met with quite a bit of criticsm. There are many people out there that feel strongly that you need to be "surprised" and will go on to lecture me about why I should wait.

Well, screw you! This is our kid and we'll do what we want.

I usually meet those arguments by saying that I will be surprised on December 29th and I am sure I don't need any more at the birth than will already be there (you crap on the table you know -- did you know that? If you didn't that would sure be a surprise.)

This last week has been torture knowing I can find out soon, but I am just not quite there. No one can tell me I will not be surprised. The anticipation is already built and building more. I compared the wait to Christmas presents (since that was recent). I feel like when I was a kid and my brother & I would cut the tape (or remove & replace it gently) in order to take a peek at our presents. I was still going to like the present just as much and there were going to be presents from Santa that I didn't know anything about, but that present from mom & dad I could find out and enjoy thinking about for the upcoming days until I could actually open it and play with it.

Now, on Thursday I get to take a peek at our baby and make sure there is only one in there. Now wouldn't that be a surprise if there are two. We get to find out what sex the child is and plan for that and dream about that little boy or little girl for the next 20 weeks). We get to find out if we are on target for May 21 due date or if the doctor will change that. So, many surprise in one day -- gosh! I'm excited! Seriously.

At the birth I'll be surprised by the contractions -- have no idea what that's going to be like -- and we have no idea how the father will respond to those things. Plus, the biggest surprise of all will be what day will it all happen; there are so many it could be. I mean, I could be in the middle of a therapy session and need to go (although the kids are kinda hoping I have to leave from work and will know that I am going into labor.) I'll have finger & toes to count on the day of the birth, and will the baby have no hair, lots of it, just a little? I don't know. It'll be a surprise.

Plus, there are lot of surprises that could happen that are not exactly favorable. Like problems with the birth or tearing or needing an episiotomy (ouch - some not so fun surprises). Or will my milk be in and I can nurse right away - I don't know. Will I have my own doctor or will it be in the middle of a Saturday night and I get some other doctor? Will I be nice to the daddy or will I yell at him a lot for making me go through all the pain? Maybe the daddy will pass out like some daddies do. Wow -- so many surprises. Some that will be surprises for sure, and so that may or may not happen. All in one day.

So, we are taking the time to enjoy the surprise of finding out if we are having a boy or a girl now. Although I am tempted to keep it a surprise from all of you. Teehee!

Actually, it has not been the immediate family that has lectured me. I think they understand it doesn't matter what they say, we decided to do this and we will. So, why bother lecturing us (plus, I think they all want to know too.)

We'll see who is right. The daddy's family is pretty much convinced it will be a boy unless they are proved differently (see, daddy is the youngest of 4 boys with 2 nephews -- odds are in the favor of a boy in that family.) But my family, on the other hand, is convinced it's a girl, mainly because I was so sick, plus that fast heartbeat is supposed to be for a girl (doctor says that by 20 weeks it slows a bit, we'll see how much).

So, in 2 more days we'll find out our surprise. I wish I could move it up. I have nothing to do these next coupld of days.......but no, I have to wait 2 more days. Maybe the baby is not going to be cooperative and we won't find out. If that happens I will be convinced that the baby just wants to torture mommy. I'm already convinced the baby doesn't like me because it made me so sick for about 4 months and now that is pretty much gone (not quite though, some still comes back) I have awful constipation and heartburn (every day!, heart burn in the evening mainly.) If that is the case and the baby likes screwing with mommy, I could be in for A LOT of surprises.

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