Monday, December 12, 2005

Baby Classes

Well, the daddy was registered for an Expectant Fathers class, but the instructor fell ill and they are rescheduling. This is in Edina.

I just registered us for the Birth, Babies, & Beyond class -- a childbirth class. This will be the class we learn Lamaze in. We are registered for 2 all-day Saturday classes. The April Tuesday & Thursday classes just would have been inconvenient. This one is in Owatonna.

We might also register for a Child Passenger Safety class (1.5 hours) and a Breastfeeding: Good Start class (2.5 hours). They are both up in Burnsville.

There are tons of classes out there. We can do Child/Infant CPR, classes on C-sections, lots of classes to do afterwards with the baby, and a Safe Baby Class (on preparing the house for the baby).

S0, we'll see. We'll just start with the Expectant Father and the Birth, Babies & Beyond classes and go from there.

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