Saturday, April 14, 2007

47 Weeks Old

Let me Out of My Cage!
She has got some bad diaper rash, so she was was getting some diaper free time this morning. It her crib or the pack-n-play is the best way to contain her in case she pees (which it never fails that she will) when she needs some air time to help with her diaper rash.

What You Looking'At?

We're looking at a baby girl with such big blue eyes. She was a good napper today. Great for mommy & daddy & Isabel, bad for all the guests that came to mommy's belated birthday party. Everyone wanted to see her, but only those few who came early got to see her, otherwise she went to sleep and took a 2.5 hour nap and woke up once everyone left.


She is working on learning how to pull herself up to standing. She can't quite do it herself yet. She gets all the way up on her knees and then gets one foot out from under her and can't quite pull herself up all the way; she needs a little push. But now that we were working with her on it she is determined to try & stand and practices it on the couch, the ottoman, and the tv stand.

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