Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Don't Want to Work......

I Just Want to Bang on My Drum All Day! Well, and pee on the blanket - which she did when she was standing against the rail earlier.

She just loves pounding on this drum. She laughs everytime she does and it makes a sound. She is really getting into electronic toys that make sound lately, but she still loves her old favorites. She is just at the stage where she has figured out the cause & effect of the electronic toys.

It looks like a beautiful day out today. I think I will try to get out for a walk while Isabel is sleeping. She's going to start going on walks with me often now that the weather is finally nice. It will be fun to walk to the park. She loves to swing. We'll see how she likes going down the slides with mom.

This week we will a little busy. Mommy has a friend coming over a couple times to go for a walk, and then we have swim class, and then she will go to the County Family Clinic to get her 11-month weight, and then we are getting her picture taken. I was going to wait until her 1 year to get her next pictures taken. We are having Skye take her 1 year photos. But she turns 11 months on daddy's birthday and Wal-Mart has a cheap package (around $6) this month, so I thought why not. So, she'll get the package of a picture of just her and we'll also get an 8x10 of her & daddy together (usually it is her with mommy - but we can change it up.)

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