Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

So Happy.
She was slow to wake up in the morning. She wakes up like her daddy, but once she wakes up she's ready to go and was chatty. She was telling daddy all about her dreams as he changed her out of her jammies.

Should I be Worried about Friday the 13th?
She was trying to figure out how to convince me to give her the camera.
You're So Tall Daddy.
I think this is a great picture.
Crawling After Lucy Lucy has a shot to get away, but Larry is just toast. Every day she gets a little faster.

Mommy & Isabel
Mommy & her sweet baby. We just got done taking a 40 minute nap together before I typed this up.

1 comment:

Meow said...

It was Friday the 13th. You should've had a picture with her and a big black kitty kat.
Just kidding. She is a cutie.