Saturday, April 21, 2007

48 Weeks Old

Crawling Around
She is all over the place now and into everything. She's pretty proud of herself that she can crawl and do things herself.


I was videotaping her this morning (so you might see that on here soo) so that gramps could see her crawling rather than just looking at still pictures. She has to explore everything and I figure it is better to let her explore and teach her how to be nice to things than try to keep everything away from her. Start young.

How Precious

I don't have enough time to fool around with pictures any more, but I took some time today. The only thing I did to this top one was turn it black & white. The bottom one I did a stamp effect on it. I use Photoshop Elements and if I ever get into it I know I can do some pretty neat things with pictures & layering, but I don't have a lot of time to teach myself. I just learn bit of things at a time. I love how detailed her eyelashes are in the bottom picture.

Long Lashes

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