Sunday, April 01, 2007

Isabel Meets the Easter Bunny

Can I Take the Bunny Home with Me?
The Easter Bunny as at the grocery store today and yesterday. She was very excited to sit on his lap. She actually had a crowd of adults drawn around watching her smile & laugh. She sure does know how to get attention from people. I'm glad it's because she's being cute and not throwing a tantrum. People were saying how cute she was. The store took pictures that we get for free, but we have to come back tomorrow to pick it up (they were digital and they were taking everyone's picture and developing all at once.) But mommy brought her own camera so we could take pictures and put them on the blog.

Hi Everyone! I'm Meeting the Easter Bunny.
She can be such a goofball at times. She loved this shopping trip because she got to meet the Easter Bunny and he gave her a plastic egg (daddy ate the candy from inside, she just ate the plastic egg.) And then they had a little lunch special of a hot dog (she loves them, like most kids) pop/water & a M&M cookie for 50 cents. You can't beat that. All 3 of us got one. She probably ate half her hot dog and half her cookie (minus the M&M's.) She was such a happy camper. We realized that now for the first time she is grabby on a shopping trip. Before she used to keep her arms inside the cart and play with whatever toy I gave her, now she tries to grab everything. Gotta keep a careful eye on her now.

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Drea said...

awee so cute. Caleb would of been scared of the easter bunny at that age. He probably still would be LOL