Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Stuff.....

Isabel spent the day home with daddy because her daycare was closed today. We weren't sure how she would do for taking a nap for him and she did great, no fusses either. And she took a super long nap too.

She passed on her runny nose and congestion to me.....what fun.

Tomorrow I plan to bring her to the faily clinic after work for her 11 month weight.

I put in the request for the library to order Happiest Toddler on the Block and they are going to. Excellent. I have actaully exchanged some very nice email with the woman who runs the children's section of the library. They are going to order the book and let me know when it comes in and may even order the DVD.

The Great Serengeti Waterpark has changed their rates and now they only charge $5 a person on Mondays & $6 on Thursdays. That's cool.

Earth Day is Sunday. Our plan that day is to enjoy some real maple syrup at the Pancake Brunch at Riverbend Nature Center. I think going to the Nature Center is a good plan for Earth Day. Grandma is coming to babysit that day too. Neighbor Cindy is babysitting on Friday (Daddy's birthday) so that we can go see a play.

Skye sent me some links for ideas for photos for Isabel's one year pictures. They look fun. I am excited for those pictures. I think I am going to make a birthday hat for her for some of the pictures. I read an article in Wonder Time magazine about making your own birthday hats because they can be pricey and you don't always need as many that come in a package (which is wasteful.) So, I'll make a hat for her. And we're planning on doing cake eating pictures. So, I will make a simple cake with frosting that she can dig into. I think those pictures could turn out hilarious because she loves squishing soft stuff in her fingers and if I give her a whole cake to dig in; it could prove to be very funny.

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