Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bath Time Photos

Big Blue Eyes and Cute Pursed Lips
Not really too much new. I took her for a walk with my friend Linda and her little boy Nick tonight again. We walk to the park and Nick runs around & plays and I push Isabel in the baby swing. She just starts laughing when I push her because it's so much fun.

She's adjusted her bedtime on her own now, maybe the daylight savings finally caught up with her. Now she goes to bed around 7/7:15 instead of 6:30. Although, the last few weeks she has taken a 30-45 minute nap after we get home and play (usually around 4pm). That nap is probably what gets her the extra 30-45 minutes at bedtime.

Swimming & Drinking
She likes to practice swimming in the bathtub....scares daddy when she tries to do that. She also likes to try to drink the water, like it's one big cup of water. Silly girl.

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