Monday, April 16, 2007

Summer Events

Well, I decided to make a calendar of summer events. If you want to view it, you need to enter in the password, which is isabel .

Anyways, I was gathering information on things to do, which does not mean we are doing all these things. I thought if I have all our options in one location to view I can just check out the calendar and pick something to do if Isabel & I want to get out of the house during the summer.

And FYI for those who may be interested....the kiddie pool in our town is 14 inches deep and costs $1 for admission. The big pool ranges from 3ft.-9ft. and costs $3 for admission for a single session (or $5 for add day). There are also weekly and full summer rates.

I'll continue to add things as I find out about more events, but I thought since I was putting forth the effort there might be some friends who would be interested in knowing this information as well.

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