Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pictures from Last Night

Growing Up Too Fast
We went to the family clinic last night yesterday and got a weight. She gained 5 ounces in the last 2 weeks. She now weighs 21 pounds 9 ounces; no gains on length. They were also decorating Easter eggs as an activity while we were there, so I decorated 3 - one for each of us. I made up Easter baskets the other day, but did not doo Easter eggs. So, now I did.

The family clinic doesn't gt very busy, usually just another parent and her kids when I am there. It seems like it is the same parents each time. They are some stay-at-home moms, so this might be a more regular thing for them with their kids. Although, when I am there with Isabel I usually stay and play with her -- but the other moms ignore their kids. Maybe they need some space from their kids since they are with them all day, I don't know. But this one mom was completly ignoring her kids or yelling at them. They kept coming over by Isabel & I to get some attention; they were pretty needy. I felt sad for them.

It's fun to go there and play (& get a weight) because they have some different toys she can play with. Yesterday they had out a standard play ball - you know the rubber kind that are usually blues or pinks with a swirl and you can gt them at Target fora few bucks. Well, anyways, she was loving playing with that. So, she might have to get one for her birthday if I don't have one in the garage (which I might).


Last night she was would be very upset if I left the room, even for a few seconds to go get the camera.

Friday, mommy's family gets here and are here until Monday. It sure seems like it is oing to be a chilly weekend for Easter & her baptism.

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