Saturday, November 29, 2008

December Themes: Colors

I decided that I want to try doing 2 themes a month. One of them will be based on Laugh, Love, Learn and the other is my own. I prefer to do some advance planning rather than wait until the first Monday of the month to start collecting items for our theme. I still like participating, but I need to do something more fluid for me. And as it turns out the LLL blog s not doing a these this month.

So, the theme I have chosen is Colors. She knows her colors well, except she still screws up purple & blue sometimes. I know that sometimes they can be hard to distinguish, so I am not really worried about it. And it seems that there are so many shades of blues & purples used and sometimes those shades tend to get very similiar. I thought colors would be a good theme this holiday season, as we can take advantage of all the colored xmas lights & presents.

We are going to learn some new songs about colors this month. I also printed off a couple of coloring sheets from that same website. I think a few other we are going to do it 1) Sort crayons into like colors, 2) Play Twister, 3) Color Themed Snacks (all snacks are the same color), 4) Lots of painting & play-doh fun (& talk about the colors while we do it), 5) Read books about colors (I'll list them later, books in English & Spanish) 6) Check out a video or two about colors

We'll just try to talk about colors as much as we can, which isn't hard to do because colors are everywhere.

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