Thursday, November 06, 2008

Making Truffles

Well, this morning we made truffles. I had never made them before. They are easy to make, but have several steps & you can't walk away too long while it firms. Anyways, she helped by dumping the chocolate in the double boiler & staying out of the way of the mixer (she hates th mixer & runs away when I use it) and finally by helping lick the spoon and beater; I did everythin else.
So, this week we have been working on potty training. She still has lots of accidents, but is going quicker once she is actually on the potty. She is starting to realize about 2 seconds before she has to pee, that she does indeed have to pee. Otherwise she never seemed to know that. Going poop is a different story, she usually does know a little more that she has to go because she goes and crouches down somewhere to go. She did go poop on the potty once this week, but it kinda freaked her out and it hasn't happened since.
She discovered last week while in WI what my name is from listening to one of her friends call me it. Now she is saying my name all the time and will say daddys name too. So, that is good that she knows that because if she gets lost she will hopefully tell someone what her mommy's name is. She also has decided that it's funny to hide inthe next aisle at Target and yell, "Mommy, I'm hiding." Although if someone comes near her she runs back to me who had been watching over her the whole time.
Today we spent quite a bit of time playing with her Feelings Flashcards. She thought that was kinda fun because she is learning new feeling words besides happy, sad, or angry. I made up 12 different feeling flashcards. While she sits on the potty we have been reading some of mommy's parenting magazines and we go through it looking at the pictures of kids and I ask her how they are feeling.

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