Monday, November 03, 2008

November: EMOTIONS

Well, here is what I requested from the library:

* The Feelings: Expressing Emotions Creatively by Caryn Frye Boddie (Parenting Book)

* Jafta by Hugh Lewin

* Every Kids' Guide to Handling Feelings by Joy Berry

* Feelings by Aliki

* Something on My Mind by Tom Feelings

* I Have Feelings by Terry Berger

*Mr. Rogers: Music & Feelings (video)

*The Care Bears in the Land w/o Feeling (video)

*Hurty Feelings by Helen Lester

I have been working all through her nap to make stuff for this months theme. I have made some flashcards of 12 feelings using images from the following links:
I plan to use the flashcards as flashcards at first and then (after I go buy some more clear contact paper to laminate more) I plan to make another set to use as a memory game.

Another thing I did was take a sheet of posterboard and on one side I wrote HAPPY diagonal down the paper and we will find pictures of people who look happy in a magazine. I did this one as a whole side since it is easy to find pictures of people being happy in magazine ads; the allusion that if you buy a product and it will make you happy sells. On the flip side I wrote FEELINGS across the top and then drew quadrants that we will later label with a feeling and find pictures to fill it up.

The final thing I was working on was making some flannel board pieces. I cut out 2 heads and 4 sets of eyebrows and 2 sets of eyes using the felt I had leftover. I still need to get a couple other colors of felt so that can make some mouths and noses. But I think she will have fun with that. It's like a flat Mr. Potato Head, which we will make a point of playing with that often this month and talking about what he is feeling.

A couple books that I have here that we read today are:
My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss
When Sophie Get Angry, Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang

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funfelt said...

Those are some great ideas. I have a felt board face set at and it is the same idea as yours - I like calling it a flat Mr Potato head, that is so true!! LOL have fun!