Saturday, November 22, 2008

Her Big Girl Room

Well, it is mostly complete now. I still have a few more things to hang on the wall, some of which I need to wait until my order comes in. And I also need to touch up the paint in a few spots.

I did A LOT of work on this room. Daddy helped some, but the bulk of it was me. It was my priority, so I was the one to do it.

Those of you who have been to our house know that the window area has a lowered ceiling. So, in that area I painted it pink. I also painted some dowels & hung those with sheers (just in those short segments) to give it the feeling of a separate room. Isabel figured out that right away and would unhook the sheers and say she was in her house. The rest of the room I painted purple. The colors are named Purplicious & Pleasing Pink. I had to prime all the wall and had to prime & paint all the trimwork and baseboards white. It was was quite an undertaking.

I also primed & painted the dresser (& installed new hardware), the side table (next to the chair) and chair (which I also recovered with the purple fabric.) I put together the headboard, which is made up of pieces from her convertible crib. I am still on the lookout for a full-size iron headboard, but we have plenty of time before we need to use the crib again because I am not even pregnant yet. We also ordered the new bed last Sunday and I picked it up last night.

I also painted the wooden letters that spell her name and made two other wall hangings pictured. I also hung new roller shades (not pictured) and curtain rods & put up the new valances. Oh, and the purple & white rug was actually two smaller rugs that I stitched together to make one big rug with some heavy duty thread.

Daddy helped by removing the wallpaper border, helped me finished with a bit of wall priming, helped move furniture, hung he canopy & did some electrical work in the room.

There is also another area/throw rug at the foot of the bed that you can't see.

You just have to come see this room. It is just so darn cute. Isabel loves it and she already slept in her big girl bed last night. Her nightstand is new too, although that was already white, but daddy & I did have to assemble it. Other that the toys & toybox, most of these things were new or not being used. So, by repainting things and making my own decorations and reusing a few other things I was really able to keep the cost down on this room make over, but it take a lot of time and hardwork.

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