Saturday, November 22, 2008

Silly Face

Daddy told her to make a silly face & he would take her picture. This is her silly face. It is based on a silly face that the monkey in a Baby Einstein book "Mirror Me" makes. The monkey sticks out it's tongue too, she doesn't do that with the face yet.

We put together her big girl room last night and she slept in there. We have a few more things to do & then I'll take pictures to post. But, i have to say that it is a very cute little girl's room.

This afternoon/evening, mommy & daddy are going to a Wild game (hockey) and Isabel gets to stay with grandma & grandpa. She'll be sleeping by the time we get home and we figured we all would just spend the night.

She is finally getting the concept of grandma & grandpa. I don't think she saw either set often enough to really understand who they were. But during the first few months we moved back to MN she saw both. When we go to WI she gets to see them for a whole weekend, so she gets a big dose of that grandma & grandpa. And grandma & grandpa in MN have been babysitting her about once a month for an evening, so she gets to see them in more frequent small doses. So, lately she has been talking about "grandma & grandpa". Sometimes stuffed animals or characters in books are grandma & grandpa, which before a few weeks ago everything was mommy, daddy & Bel. Kids this age identify everything as the same or related to them. Sometimes she will say "Where grandma & grandpa go?" or "Let's go find grandma & grandpa."

Next month (which is only a week away already!) she will get doses of both sets of grandmas & grandpas as it is the Xmas holiday

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