Friday, November 14, 2008

T is for Turkey

Last night we went to the "T is for Turkey" party for our ECFE. It was fun and there were tons of activities to do. Maybe to many things to do in the amount of time. So, in the picture you can see the crafts Isabel & mommy made there. They also had a few turkey themed games, a storytime, and an edible craft (made a turkey out of 2 Ritz crackers, a marshmallow, a candy corn, peanut butter, and some mini m&m's. Like most kids Isabel ate it right after she made it. Her painting her hand brow (melted chocolate) is for the handprint turkey in th craft above. Now I have some Thanksgiving decorations for the house.

In a short while we have some friends coming over for a playdate. Our large playgroup has been segmented into smaller playgroups so that we can form our own weekly small playgroup. This is our first small playgroup and I volunteered to hav it at our place.

We have some neighbor girls set up to babysit tonight (daddy & I will go out for dinner) and tomorrow afternoon (daddy & I are going to a movie). These are the same girls I tried out for an hour a piece last Friday while I was here. So, now they each get to watch her a couple hours with us gone. We wouldn't normally go out twice in the same weekend, but since we just had them come for a trial-run with me here I wanted to have them come again right away so that they knew I really was interested in having them babysit occasionally. And it turns out that other than volleyball in the fall, the rest of the year they are involved in things at different times. So, hopefully I will be able to get one of them when we need someone.

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