Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall 2008 Portrait Session

I just picked up our pictures yesterday from Skye (see link tothe side). I put some pictures on FB, so you can see more there. I wanted to get some on here last night but between uploading to a online printing store and uploading to FB at the same time, I couldn't upload to blogger as well. It was just takng too long. So, I will probably upload a few more on here. I am very pleased with our our pictures turned out. We have 51 pictures and each is in color, b&w, sepia, and two different photography presets. I just love them. One picture of the family will be going out with our xmas card and one of Isabel will be her 2.5 year picture. I just haven't decided which ones yet.

Daddy & I wore the same outfits through the whole photo shoot, but Isabel did a clothing change. The pink & black dress above is one that I bought for her and the white dress w/ sweater (below) is a dress that grandma made her. It actually is part of another dress, but I thought they were better as two different dresses.
This one is in the running for her 2.5 year picture. I think she looks so cute here and I love that dolly is in the picture. I brought along a lot of props/toys to make sure we had fun with this photo shoot and could get pictures of us playing. Some of the things I brought along was bubbles, hula hoop, a few pieces of dress up clothes (notice the wings in thetop picture), dolly and a few other things.

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