Saturday, November 29, 2008

Visit to Santa & the Grocery Store

Late this morning we went to Cashwise Grocery Store to visit Santa. Isabel was a little scared of them, but it wasn't like last year whre she started crying. Mrs. Claus gave her a little candy cane and they took her picture as well. We get to pick it up at the grocery store (for free!) on Monday if we want. Rachael got her pick with them (& her mommy) as well, so I will pick up their picture and send it to them.

We said our goodbyes in the parking lot and each on our way to our respective homes. We will sure miss them. The girls play so well together and we really enjoy our conversations with John & Lori. They are fun to hang out with.

Our grocery store is so family friendly and is a fun outing for young kids. After our visit to Santa we picked up free crowns (in the produce department) and a free m&m cookie from the bakery and then headed over to the Penny Horse (I call it that because it only costs one penny to ride). It's right next to the video store, which is we wanted to we can get a free kids video to "rent". You can see the girls wearing their crowns and eating their cookies. John & Daddy went to liqour store and bought some MN beer & wine for the to bring back to WI. Mommy & Lori enjoyed some free samples of Irish Cream they had out. Mmmmmm!

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Rachael's Mommy said...

We enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with you. Thank you for having us. Come and visit soon.