Monday, November 10, 2008

Making Felt Faces

The top pictures are of the happy face & sad face she made. I had her make the same face on her face. In the bottom picture you will see the flashcards I made as well. We used them as guides to remembering what different faces look like. That helped her a lot to be able to see those flashcards as she picked out stuff to put on her faces, otherwise she was grabbing the wrong stuff.

We made faces that were happy, sad, indifferent, surprised, & confused today. I think I made a decent assortment of eyes, eyebrown, noses, mouths, some tears & a hat too and two different heads.
This weekend we went out to Rose Street Pizzeria & Cafe for dinner on Friday. On Saturday, Isabel came with me to the gym for my Sin class so that daddy could sleep in. On Saturday afternoon, I went to the Cities to spend the aftenoon & evening with Jessi. We went to Art Attack and that was a lot of fun. Daddy & Isabel had a daughter/daddy night out. They went to the movies to see Madagascar 2 and then went to A&W for supper. On Sunday we all went to church & then grocery shopping and spent the rest of the day at home.
Today we went to the gym early this morning so I could go to yoga class. She likes the childcare there and has a lot of fun playing with all the toys. It's a good break for both of us. Then we came home & did out felt faces and played some and now she's watching I Spy and soon it will be storytime & naptime. After naptime we have friends coming over for a playdate.


Andy said...

Isabel's sad face is adorable.

Erin said...

Those felt faces are really cute! And fun for her too. I love it!