Saturday, March 31, 2007

45 Weeks Old

Smile Big!
I think she might be getting the hang of "Smile" again. She back to working on communication again. After weeks of not hearing her "speak" the words she knows she is again back to saying mama and kitty (with silent t's). She was working pretty hard on her gross motor skills and getting mobile before.


Those 1-year molars must be trying to work their way it because she keeps chewing on her finger or whatever she can stick way back there.

Just Relaxin' & Snackin'

These few pictures are from Thursday when we went to Sweet Dreams Winery. She was just chillin' the entire time we were there, eating some cheesy flavored snacks.

Winerarita Time!

They sell a mix there (or you can buy one from them made up) to make wine into a winearita. It was pretty good. Daddy & I each had one as we sat out on their large porch & listened to the wind chimes, looked at the grapevines, & dicussed what we were going to purchase.

More Relaxin' & Snackin'

She kept sticking her legs up on the try. Sometimes just one, sometimes both. She has gotten to be a very flexible girl. She can do the splits out the to side and when people see her doing it they are amazed. I have never really seen a baby do that except for when I used to nanny for Erik & Stellan. Erik was always very flexible and could do the splits. I don't know if he still can, but I do know he is still involved in gymnastics.

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