Sunday, August 16, 2009

Community Picnic

An area church sponsored a community picnic at Central Park in Owatonna this afternoon. It was a lot of fun & Isabel had a blast and one would have thought she would be tired & would have taken a nap when we got home, mom & dad sure did. They had 2 huge bounce houses, which one of them she went in many times (the other had big kids in and was intimidating for a 3 year old). They had lots of games with candy prizes. There was face painting & hair painting (she didn't get this done, after standing in line for quite a while and it was her turn she realized exactly what was going on and said she didn't want paint in her hair - then we had to switch to the face painting line & begin the wait all over.)

There was lots of food, hot dogs, corn on the cob, watermelon, chips, cake, popcorn, pop, water & sno-cones. We left very full. Isabel ate 5 pieces of watermelon & 2 sno-cones & a few bites of corn. It's no wonder she had to go to the bathroom several times while we were there. They also had live music which was good, actually it was really good and we wondered if we picked the wrong non-denominational church because we REALLY enjoyed the music the church band and choir was performing, but we're pretty sure we would could never do the 9am service time (our is 10am, wish it was 10:30 which would be perfect!) We never checked out this one because of the 9am service time. We just knew that would probably never happen for us.

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