Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I bought these sparklers before the 4th and we never ended up using them. So, we took out some of them to play with this evening since our morning was a bit of a bust. We never let her hold one before and had a long talk about safely using sparklers. She was pretty happy that we were playing with them. We have some more left, so we will save for another time.

This morning and early afternoon we went to the Steele County Fair. The kids show we went to see was kinda boring so we abondoned it to go into the building by all the vendors, which was actually kinda fun collecting all sorts of free things & lots of candy. After a few pieces she just didn't want any more candy & just put it in her bag. While we were in there it started POURING and kept POURING for a 3 hours, until we got home - then it stopped for a while. But we had the vendors to look at, then we ran to the next building, which was the Fine Arts Bldg and that is where her projects are on display. She recognized her painting hanging up right away and then we showed her the ribbons she will get to keep when we pick up her projects on Monday. Then we ran through the next bldg so that we could go one more bldg over to a 4-H food bldg and we could get some food to eat. By this point we were almost to one end of the fairgrounds, butwe were still parked 3 or 4 blocks away. Daddy was nice enough to go out in the POURING (did I mention it was POURING, seriously, the road had lakes & rivers in them and I am sure some cars probably stalled out as they drove through some of them) rain and get the car and drive it up so we only had to go as far as the barricades.

The plan is to go back tot he fair on Friday. Hopefully the weather is more cooperative. Tomorrow morning we are going to visit our friends Carrie, Kyle, Gavin & Molly so that Isabel & Gavin can have a playdate and we can bring them some food.

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