Saturday, August 29, 2009

Making Crabapple Jam

Well, I thought I would google if I could make anything with crabapples. Turns out you can make jam/jelly or whole spiced crabapples (which then get used in a variety of other recipes).
I thought I would try the jam. So, this morning (while the power was out for some odd reason at our house and the neighbors too) we went out to pick 5 pounds of crabapples. Then while we watched a Sesame Street DVD we took the stems off. Finally, I was able to get to making it.
Isabel helped with clean-up and pouring in the sugar & stirring. Oh! And tasting too! You can see some jam on her chin that dripped off the spoon she was using to taste. So, in it's cooking state it passed the taste test for a 3 year old, daddy & mommy. So, I think we will have a new yummy jam. Who knew?!?!?!
We had too strong of winds & a late frost that pretty much destroyed all the blossoms on the apple trees (well, not to mention that one was removed after last year's storm and another one is pretty much dead because it was struck by lightning, so there is basically just 2 trees left.) So, anyways, I don't have any apples to make anything with and last year I got apples from a mom (who is getting married during prime apple picking time) and got grapes from a friend's daughter, so I don't know if either of those will be available to me this fall.

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