Monday, August 03, 2009

Day Four on our Cabin Vacation

These were pictures from yesterday. I haven't taken any yet today. We have today & tomorrow left of our vacation here.

The lake has been too cold, so no actual swimming has taken place. We have walked in the water up to our knees searching for interesting rocks, snail shells & clam shells. She is enjoying collecting them. She likes to just hang out in her swimsuit, even if her feet barely get in the water.

We spent a couple hours at the Phelps Mill. They had an ice cream social and a string band there. We toured the Mill and looked at the store & dam. Isabel cound them all interesting enough. I know pictures in the above collage are small, so don't forget you can click on them to see them larger.

It was an "Old Fashioned" Ice Cream Social. They actually had people dressed up in period clothing serving ice cream. Isabel loved the pedal merry-go-round; her favorite was the pink horse. She has officially proclaimed over & over that pink is her favorite color. We watched a woman spinning wool into yarn and she even brought her animals that she gets her wool from. Isabel really wanted her to spin the colored wool (purple, red & yellow). She's too cute that people have a tough time turning her down. Of course, the colored wool was spun & she watched.

That evening we finally roasted some marshmallows. We did it right before a little shower came through. The past few nights we didn't get outside to do it in time before a shower came through. They were yummy. We like roasted marshmallows.
Today, we are in Perham. Right now we are at the library. We don't exactly have a plan at what we are going to do here today, we'll figure it out as it happens. But Isabel has learned what a community (Perham) smells like when they have a big dog food manufacturing plant. As she says, "It's stanky!"

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