Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday, August 14th

Pictures from yesterday. We started out the morning making her drum art project (below) and while it dried we went to meet our playgroup at Morehouse Park. Then came home for storytime & naptime. Then went to another playgroup for a swimming party, came home & had dinner that daddy made us, finished making her drum project, and then all three of us went to the community pool, which closes next Sunday :( for the season.

These are all three of her projects that we are entering in the fair today. The fair is next week but today is the day to drop-off Youth Art entries. (Sorry for all the typos, the font was really small and I couldn't tell what I was actually typing.)
There are 3 different categories they can enter in. There is no judging at this age group (0-5 years), so it's just about doing the projects and having them on display. It will be fun to go there next week and have her find her projects on display. I think she will be excited.

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