Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lake Kohlmeier Beach

We had a busy morning & afternoon today, but still relaxed (as far as a busy relaxed can be). We went to the gym for mommy's yoga class, then to the library for Create-a-Craft, and then to the beack at Lake Kohlmeier for a picnic & fun in the sun.

She loved doing the crafts at the library. They got to make a beaded bookmark, a beaded lanyard (to hold their library card), some shrinky-dinks (which could be made into magnets or suncatchers - we chose magnets), and some glass stone magnets. It was a lot of fun and she is very proud of the crafts she made.

We spent 2 hours at the beach and she had so much fun. She met some older girls to play with part of the time and had lots of fun playing in the sand & water. You know, playing in the sand is fun and playing in the water is fun -- BUT playing in the water & sand at the same time is LOADS of FUN! We were glad to get there today, as who knows how many more days we have to spend in the water & in swimsuits before it changes to spending time in snowsuits & the snow.

Tomorrow mommy & Isabel are going to go see the Jungle Book at Stages Theatre. We bought these tickets and some for the next show a couple months ago. These will be our last theatre shows before baby boy greets us with his presence.

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