Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Last Days of our Vacation

Today was the last day of our cabin vacation up north and we just returned. So, just a few pictures from the last 2 days to post. The top picture is from the Ottertail County History Museum. It is a small place and was free. It was somewhat interesting, but I am sure if we were from the area it would have been even more interesting.

What we really liked was the park that was outside to play on. I think Isabels favorite piece of equipment was the merry-go-round, you just don't see those anymore. Seems like every place has taken out the metal equipment & replaced it with plastic stuff.
After the museum we went in search of another park or beach and found the Paul Miller Park & Beach on Little Pine Lake, just on the outside of Perham.

These are pictures from 2 nights ago when we roasted marshmallows, but we did roast them again last night. It was pretty windy so it was a little tricky getting the fire started, but daddy was persistent. We like roasting mashmallows. And Isabel also got to watch the sunset over the lake on the last night there. It was very pretty.

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