Sunday, August 23, 2009

Steele County Free Fair

We went to the fair on Wednesday & Friday. Those were the days of the kids' shows, so it made the most sense. We didn't much care for the show on Wednesday, so we left & started walking through the buildings at all the vendors. While we were in there it started POURING! And kept POURING for 3 hours. It stopped for several hours -- once we were home! So, we didn't get to eat too much "fair food" that day, but we had fun inside collecting stuff from vendors.

Friday was a good Fair Food Day. We shared some cheese fries, mini-donuts & Nitro ice cream. Daddy also had a hot dog & corn dog and mommy had a cheeseburger & Black Cherry Creme Soda and Isabel had a twist lollipop. (We had a decent breakfast & a dinner w/ lots of veggies, so don't worry about all the crap we ate.)

It sprinkled a little bit during the 3.5 hours we were there, but not too much. We toured the small animals barn (rabbits, ducks, chickens, turkeys, pigeons) in great detail, but then when we went into the pig barn she was completly offended by the smell and wanted to leave. The barns with the sheep, cows & horses smelled fine but she was convinced that they smelly yucky and kept sticking her fingers up her nose.

She did have a great time at the exotic animals petting zoo. and even though I only have pictures shown of her feeding the baby camels, she fed most all the animals some food. It's just that the camel ones turned out the best.

The other thing we did was walk down the vendor-alley on the way to the tractors and she wanted to "try out" everything that she could drive. She was really fond of ones that were pink.

While we were there we watched the Ronald McDonald show (round 1) and then while we ate our HUGE bowl of Nitrol ice cream that we were sharing, we sat back by the stage and ending up seeing most of Round McDonald (round 2).

And if you couldn't tell from looking at the photos, grandma & grandpa M came down to join us at the fair. She was excited to see them and show them her artwork she entered, which tomorrow I get to go pick up her artwork & get her ribbons.

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