Thursday, August 13, 2009

Firehouse Tour

Today we joined MOMS Club for a tour at the Owatonna Firehouse. Isabel's favorite part was using the hose and it was even more enjoyable when the fireman helped her squirt at mommy's feet with it. She thought that was hilarious. The rest of the tour she was pretty scared because she didn't know the strange men (the firemen) and didn't like the sirens. She was also hoping to be in the truck (or at least go in more than one truck) but with such a large group it would take up too much time. She also really wanted to try on a fireman's hat (& buy one, she brought along her money hoping she could buy a hat) but neither trying on a hat or buying one happened. She also didn't care to much about seeing their living quarters and I think the kids got a little bored of the Q&A parts (I have to admit that I probably aided in that since I asked several questions - but I learned some stuff.)

Thankfully, our neighbor who is a volunteer fireman in our town (we only have volunteers at ours to my knowlegde) has told daddy he would take Isabel on a personal tour of our fire department and since Isabel knows & likes him it will be a much more comfortable experience for her. It'll probably be a bit before we do that since he is busy building a big garage in his backyard.

This afternoon we had a playdate over here with her friend Cole. It was just a regular playdate; I didn't plan anythinh special. It was just playing in the playroom in the basement (where it is coolest). We were supposed to go to the pool, but it was rainy off & on today, so we had to make alternate plans.

Tomorrow we are heading to the Faribault Library for their last Friday Fun Day (it's a juggler) of the summer and hopefully we will go to the pool right after lunch and then to a playgroup in the afternoon.

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