Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Fun & Busy Day

It's no wonder she took a 3 hour nap today, that we actually had to wake her after 3 hours. We started out the morning making a recycled magazine holder for daddy to put in his bathroom. His magazines always laid on the floor, but now they are neatly tucked inside this holder we made.
Then she had some computer time. She has really come a long way with learning how to usse the mouse. 90% of the time she was on the computer she was doing all the work herself with the mouse as she played her Hooked on Phonics game (which we did religiously initially and then just dropped it for a long time) and her Clifford game. She was very proud of herself when she could move the mouse & click it by herself and get it all right.

Then I took her to the park to burn off some energy before we came home for lunch, storytime, & naptime. So, really it is no wonder she took such a long nap. There was lots of learning & activity this morning. Then it was dinner & we did a couple more art projects. One of them is a painting she did of "Little Einsteins Spaceship & Music Roller Coaster" that she is entering into the fair. There are three different categories that preschoolers can enter art projects into the fair. So, we have one done and will work on the other 2 over the weekend and submit our registration on Monday (last day to turn it in.)

This evening we went to the second to last 11 @ 7 concert. Right when we got there they were asking kids to come up and wear a hat for their silly hat song; only a few kids went up there so they took adults too. Then later on they played an original song that they asked for kids to come up and play with them. Isabel was one of 4 kids that went up there. She said she was a little scared and the tambourine was heavy (it was, it was a real one and not a toy), but she did a great job up there and we were proud of her.

And right now she is in bed sleeping and has a sleepover friend/cat. We're kinda hoping Lucy likes sleeping next to Isabel and starts to leave us alone at night. Isabel is pretty excited that Lucy wants to have a sleepover with her.

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Andy said...

Nice! Something to hold daddy's bathroom smut magazines!