Saturday, August 29, 2009

Past Couple Days

Yesterday morning we instroduced our friends Caitlin, Amelia & Gavin to the River Bend Nature Center. It is one of our favorite places to go. Since Isabel is familiar enough with a few trails, she was very excited to lead the way and show Amelia her favorite places which include the turtle pond, dry creek bed (where there are lots of rocks & we explore bigs & worms), and the "Kids In the Wild" area, as well as the indoor learning & play area.

I think we got them hooked because when it was time to leave they didn't want to go. It truly does amaze me how many people don't know that RBNC exists, especially when they have only lived 20 minutes away their whole life. But we are glad to introduce them and teach them about it.
The girls had so much fun uncovering rocks to discover worms of all kinds, roly-polys, slugs, caterpillars, and lots of other sorts of bugs. They got to see a daddy long legs and some frogs in the "Kids in the Wild" area. I love picking up the critters so that they feel comfortable touching them and don't become afraid of them. They had a lot of fun and I can tell Isabel is learning a lot from our adventures there because she will tell me/us things about things she learned on previous trips.
We are planning on taking the girls there for the Full Moon Hike next Friday. It's lead by someone, so we thought that might be fun to be out hiking later with the girls and have someone teach us all about the sounds we are hearing and point out owls & fireflies and other night critters.
Yesterday afternoon we went over to play with our friends Cheri, Cole & Jacqueline. We always have a nice time with them too. We found out that they have never been there either, so we might have to introduce them to RBNC soon.

Thursday was a very busy day for us. We ran a bunch of errands in the morning, one of which was to go to the library for the last book fair to pick up her final prizes for the summer reading program (which was 2 books). Then in the afternoon we went up to Stages Children's Theatre and saw "The Jungle Book", then came home to relax for a bit and then she rode her bike to the park & back 1/2 mile each way) and played there for a half hour. And that evening I had her preschool orientation to go to. She will have an open house that she gets to go to this coming week. Whew!
Not sure exactly what our plans are today or tomorrow.

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