Monday, August 24, 2009

River Springs Waterpark

Because we had a family season membership to the community pool, we didn't drive to the neighboring towns to use their waterparks, that is, until today. One of Isabel's friends gave her some passes (for this season only) to go to the waterpark as a birthday present. We figured today might be out last shot since the waterpark closes in 2 weeks and it was above 80 degrees today and the average high now is only supposed to be 78/79. So, we'll take the 83 degrees today, even if the wind did make it kinda chilly across wet skin.

We had a lot of fun though and stayed for 3 hours. Not sure we'll go back anymore during these 2 weeks since it's not budget-friendly for us right now.

Tomorrow, Isabel & I are going to the MOA for the Eric Carle Toddler Tuesday. Some of her friends are going to go this time too. I plan to let her do Nickolodean Universe as well. Since preschool starts in 2 weeks, we won't be able to do anymore of these until there is a day off from preschool in the future. They have a good deal for a wristband, so it will be well worth it. I managed to keep her from noticing most of the rides in the Midway at the county fair, so I didn't have to convince her not to ride any. Whew! Those wristbands were much pricier than the deal they have for TT at MOA.

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