Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Burger King Play Place

Yesterday evening, Isabel & daddy got their flu shots and we had planned to go to the library for a special event that was published, but apparently it was rescheduled for Saturday. So, we told her we could go play and took her to the Burger King Play Place. We have never really taken her to this one before. She had a lot of fun and burned off some energy.
Earlier in the day she had her friend Sadie over for a couple of hours for a playdate. They had a good time and played nicely together.
In the afternoon I had Isabel's preschool parent-teacher conferences to go to. Since her preschool is in the public school they have conferences the same as the rest of the school, which is twice a year. The next one will be in February. I guess they do them only twice a year in this school. Anyways, it was a good conference. She does well on on the skills & academic stuff they need to learn (really, she knows pretty much everything she needs to know academically) but she needs to learn to not interrupt (which the teacher said almost every 3-year old preschooler has that as something to work on since they are so excited to be there and want to share so much) & remembering to take turns w/o reminder. She said that a prompt to not interrupt and to take turns, she does comply but does need reminders. The other thing she needs to work on is helping with cleanup. She does what she does at home and gets distracted singing the cleanup song and keeps singing & doesn't help much. So, I guess we need to work on multi-tasking.
I talked to her about these things and she might try harder at them now that she knows the expectation.
Today we enrolled her back in gymnastics (guess we are being optimistic that daddy will find a new job soon) because she has been asking about it a lot and she will certainly need a place to burn off energy this winter. So, this was her first gymnastics class w/o mom in there with her. She did great! We had a nice talk about how she has to follow directions of the gymnastics teacher and take turns and she did really well.
This afternoon we have a playdate at her friend Casey's house and tomorrow she has a birthday party to go for her friend Cole.

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