Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dragon Costume - Pumpkin Fest

I picked this costume up at a rummage sale this fall for Isabel because she thought it was fun and I thought she might like to use it for dress up with her friends as well as be a nice warm costume for cold events.

And tonight was one such cold event. We went to Pumpkin Fest, which is a free event sponsored by Wells Federal Bank, Auto Glass Specialists, and Cashwise Foods.

The event has three different areas, one of which is the food tent (yes, free food of hot dog, chips, bottled water, hot apple cider, brownies & an apple - it's a lot!) They have a heater in there, but it still gets chilly. Plus you have to walk outside to go from one area to the next.

Another area is in the bank where they are taking pictures, sign up for door prizes & get some popcorn. We can go pick up our pictures tomorrow from the grocery store and it's a free picture.

This picture is of Isabel and her little friend Jacqueline from MOMS Club. They were both dressed as purple dragons, so we thought we should get some pictures of them together. I believe that she is 7 months old, or maybe it's 8 months. Darn preggo brain.

And the third areas is in the bays at Auto Glass Specialists where the kids received trick-or-treat bags, AGS cardboard car banks stuff with some tattoos & a small slinky, tickets to play games to win prizes & coloring station, and a huge pile of pumkpins for them to pick from.

Seriously, this was a completly free event. Our community has some of the best free events for kids & families that I have ever seen.
Isabel won a lot of rubber ducks from a fishing game, so she is having a bath tonight, even though she doesn't need one.

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